Big Alligator River (1979)

A Jaws clone in every sense of the word, where a river resort is devastated by a series of alligator attacks, and it is up to a daring photographer (??) to stop it! The film is complete with the owner who doesnt want to scare the tourists off, ridiculous underwater scenes that were obviously shot in a pool, and a suspiciously similar ending. The crocodile (also ??) is convincing at times, and a terrible motionless toy being dragged in an unconvincing aquarium at others. There is minimal gore, the pacing and acting are about par for an Italian jungle adventure flick, but overall it fails to live up to Martino's MotCG or Torso. In the end, it is just another cheap cashin that you can miss and somehow manage to carry on with your normal life.

Original Rating: 5/10.
Latest Rating (6/29/2009): 5/10.

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1 comment:

  1. The film was not without its positives.

    -The annoying tourists got killed en masse.
    -The idea of the 'rock and hard place' with the villagers and the animal was kind of cool.
    -The lady was hot.

    Yeah, that's all I can muster.