You have somehow ended up in the bottomless pit of horror movie reviews, also known as I Like Horror Movies. If you are here, chances are you probably like horror movies, or you have terrible spelling. In either case, welcome to the site and enjoy your stay!

The goal of this blog is to provide as much of a comprehensive oversight of all of the horror movies I have seen in hopes of expanding the viewing of new and old horror fans alike. My review format is short and concise to provide a subjective, brief, but accurate portrayal of each film. I have a short attention span so I can only assume others do too.

There should never be any spoilers, but in the unusual case that there are they will be forewarned. On a good day, you can expect to see several new horror reviews, horror news, or random rants and raves. Otherwise, you can marvel at my procrastination and sloth in all their glory. That being said, read on if you dare!!1


  1. Hi there...came across this today, thought it might raise a laugh...it did here!


  2. Finally got time to check out the website post-fangoweekend. I will be back. Picked up Tokyo Gore Police there, saw your review; now I need to watch it. Take care. Chris, row B

  3. Whats going on Chris great to have you on board! Always feel free to hit me up here or at carlmanes@yahoo.com, glad to hear from ya man!