Howling 5 (1989)

A tame murder mystery set in an abandoned castle turned tourist attraction that is being visited by a group of elitists from around the world that must figure out who amongst them is a werewolf before its too late. Maybe 30s of screen time for the rug/werewolf that you see in glimpses during choppily edited death scenes and generic acting. Very little gore to make up for the standard plot and slow pacing, but the superior set design does make for decent atmosphere, and it does keep you guessing. It isnt great, but it gets a worse wrap than it deserves and probably has the biggest body count in the series.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. Defying all logic, the series ran to 7, despite losing the source material from the novels after the third film. Each one of the films are an oddity in their own way, none of the sequels are particularly great but they are worth checking out.. except for 7.. which should burn in hell and die..