Raw Meat (1972)

Surprisingly small in scope, but effective suspence/mystery from England. Donald Pleasence plays an eccentric police detective trying to track down a killer in the Underground. Bodies are disappearing, but what he doesnt know is that theyre being eaten! The Descent and Creep have definitely benefited from different aspects of the plot, but with dark, brooding atmosphere and lighting, awesome gory effects, and superior set design, this movie sets itself apart as something new and different for the time.

Rating: 8/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. glad to see a review of this movie. i thought i was the only one that saw it. pleasantly surprised by this one.

  2. It really did get lost in the shuffle, I forget where I first caught wind of it but I was completely surprised as well, and I hope that more horror fans come to find it in the coming years! Pleasance is awesome, and God forbid you forget his tea!!