Roman (2006)

Angela Bettis and Lucky McKee swap roles in this dark character study that serves as a companion piece to the phenomenal May. Roman is a disturbed, quirky welder that envisions himself with the girl next door. When they finally hit it off, something goes terribly wrong, and Roman is sent spinning in a downward spiral within his psyche. McKee seems uncomfortable infront of the camera, but it sells the awkwardness of the character. The films strength lies in its slow and careful character development, and though there arent many scares, the film is definitely disturbing. For a small scale, artsy indie horror entry, this is a a unique and interesting viewing experience, but will not serve the tastes of anyone looking for blood and guts.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. been meaning to check this one out for awhile, thanks for reminding me!

  2. If you are a fan of May, this will not disappoint, though the latter is definitely the superior film. Roman isnt as polished, which almost makes it more believable. Pick it up when you get the chance!

  3. Yeah, I dug on May, and his Masters of Horror episode. I find it interesting that Angela Bettis directed this, as it seems to be a male slant on May. Will pick it up soon.

  4. May was good. Did not know about this one. Thanks for letting me know. Will definately be picking it up shortly.