Body Melt (1993)

This Aussie horror entry serves as a decent gross-out flick, but ultimately fails to provide a cohesive story. This, in part, is the result of the film being adapted from four short stories, but that fact isnt explained or delineated in the film. A vitamin company mails out experimental drugs to a small group of test subjects, resulting four bloody and gooey messes. The scenes of each of the four families seem completely unrelated outside of the characters taking the vitamins, until the climax wraps everything together. In terms of gore, there is placental carnage, projectile vomit, bursting chest cavities, and plenty of other great gags. Unfortunately, none of the characters are particularly likable or fleshed out, so the film seems to move along on a gag to gag basis, with the audience losing interest in the victims in place of the gore. One cant deny the impressive photography and directing of the film, it just would have benefited from a more linear script.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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