Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Deranged (1974)

This first effort to bring the story of Ed Gein to the screen is pretty well made, though it feels aged and cheesy at times. Ezra Cobb is a lonely farmer that takes to grave robbing, corpse mutilation, and murder after the passing of his domineering mother. Ormsby takes many liberties with the actual events, along with adding some strange and out of place humor, but for the most part the events in the film are accurate to the case. The scenes depicting the mummified corpses and Cobb dressed in his suit of human skin are still creepy and disarming. Blossom plays a convincing lead, lending credibility and strength to the character. One thing the definitely film could have done away with is the narrator that randomly interjects his commentary on screen. Its definitely worth checking out though!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. I used to have this one on VHS, not sure where my copy is gone though! I agree that the narrator feels cheesy to begin with, but he slowly fades out of the film and allows the grim action to unfold perfectly.

    It's a depressing little film with a great lead performance. I hope you watched the uncut version, as I know the R1 DVD is heavily cut.

  2. This watch through I saw the cut version on my Double Feature disc with Motel Hell, but the first time I saw it it was the uncut version with the additional gore. Even without the brain and barn scene, the film is still very good, but there are just times where it seems zany and tongue in cheek. Blossom does an amazing job with the role, but I found myself laughing at some of his facial expressions at inappropriate times. Though I like the film, between the two I prefer Ed Gein (In the Light of the Moon). Blossoms character may have been depressing and morbid, but Railsback plays a complete black hole of a character that you pity just looking at, with none of the eccentricities I found in Blossom.

  3. I dunno, the Ed Gein flick I saw when it came out, and even then I preferred this one over it. I guess I kinda grew up watching this one, and it pushed me into seeking out more obscure horror titles over the years, so it will always hold a place in my heart!

    Will defo check out Ed Gein again though, even if its just to re-evaluate Railsbacks performance. Wasn't there an new Ed Gein flick with Kane fucking Hodder in the lead??

  4. Havent seen it but it most definitely exists, I would watch it if I got it for free or heard a decent recommendation for it, other than that Im letting it slide. Id say Ed Gein is worth the time to check out again, it is extremely low budget and almost has a Hallmark Channel approach to it, but I still enjoy it and plan to watch it along with Ted Bundy and Helter Skelter in the coming weeks for a docudrama marathon. Ted Bundy is absolutely disturbing to me, making it completely believable that he could be the killer next door.

  5. Cool, I also liked the Ted Bundy flick, and found the bizarre black comedy aspects of it made it even more fucked up.

  6. Just thinking about him stealing the bush is like your favorite line from Evil Ed for me, I cant help but laugh because its so off the wall, and sadly it probably wasnt far from the truth!


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