Die Screaming, Marianne (1971)

Decent "theres one surviving member of the family that is getting all the inheritence so everyone else is trying to off her" flick by Pete Walker, tangled with competing lovers, betrayal, and murder. The plot isnt entirely original, but it is handled well. With good pacing, competent acting, beautiful settings, and ambitious editing that almost seems out of place, it reminds me of a slightly less interesting 5 Dolls for an August Moon. There is nothing inherently bad about the film, but it is not a film that I plan to reproach much in the future.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. oooooh... I gotta say I HATED this flick. I thought it was one of the dullest things I'd ever sat through. Very lurid cover art, NO payoff in the actual film really, whatsoever, for my money. I picked it up in a pack with "FRIGHTMARE" "HOUSE OF WHIPCORD", and "THE FLESH & BLOOD SHOW", all of which I found highly superior. Then again, that's just me.

  2. This is Bill from Necrotic Cinema and The Uranium Cafe. I will follow your blog as soon as I can sign into my Google account. I am using a 2nd account now to upload some movies to Google Video.

    I sort of want to do more "minimalist" reviews as you call them. I have not seen this film and it is from a time period I am interested in.


  3. J I absolutely agree about the strength of the film in comparison to Walkers other films in the series, but I think this one was meant more for the suspense audience than the average horror fan. As a murder suspense trying to get the chicks money flick, it serves its purpose and is stylishly shot. It reminded me a lot of some of Bava's offshoots from the horror genre, which is why I liken it to 5 Dolls. I was completely impressed with Whipcord, will be reviewing it soon!

    Bill glad to see ya and looking forward to the upcoming reviews! I find this format to be so much easier, and I just dont like writing full reviews that spoil half the movie. In the mean time, Im sure that J would agree with me when I recommend the British Horror Collection from Shriek Show, the Walker films it includes are all excellent and underrated films from the early 70s that are a ton of fun!

  4. This film is in the "British Horror" Shriek Show box set I bought a few years ago and out of the four, it's my least favorite. There all Walker flicks in this set too.

    My favorite btw is "House of Whipcord".

  5. Im glad to see everyone ended up liking House of Whipcord, it was a complete surprise to me since i bought the set primarily for Frightmare. I wasnt too impressed with Flesh and Blood Show, but it wasnt bad.