Ed Gein (2000)

Good docudrama focusing on the true life events of Eddie Gein, the Butcher of Plainfield. The low budget minimalist approach to the sound and gore adds a degree of realism, which is only accentuated by Railsback's excellent performance as the disturbed farmer. Railsback brings something sorrowful and empathetic to the role, in what is easily his best performance since Helter Skelter. It is also the most accurate portrayal of the true events, playing them straight compared to the sometimes campy performances in Deranged. Though there is little on screen violence, the grisly remains scattered throughout the movie are extremely gory and believable. I recommend it, its disturbing and you wont soon forget the dance in the moonlight!

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. Railsback was perfect for this role. This was a damn creepy film!

  2. Can't seem to find a legit 'in print' copy of this over my neck of the woods anymore...I may have to look around online. Am defo interested in watching it again.

  3. I think it now belongs to a three pack with Dahmer and Ted Bundy, but that may even be out of print. You used to be able to pick up a copy on Half.com for $.75USD, havent checked on the pricing recently

  4. Steve Railsback rules.

    Serial poetry.