Evil Ed (1997)

Starts off good, but drops off fast. A film editor becomes delusional and goes on a murderous rampage after performing too many censor edits on a ton of horror movies. There are some sweet gore and make-up effects, but they are few and far between. Designs similar to the Lord of Darkness from Legend and a Gremlin creature make it into the flick, which are recreated with amazing craftsmanship. The film also makes some clever stabs at horror censorship, which is ironic since the film was edited in the States. The acting and humor just never sell the film though, feeling very forced and out of place the entire time. It isnt clear how much of that is attributed to the dubbing, but regardless the characters in Ed have a distinct B-movie quality about them. Great concept worthy of remaking, but in the end the film is just ok.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 6/10.

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  1. hehe, another I have had on VHS for about ten years. Yeah, it gets off to a great start, but sags badly in the middle. I really wish the loose limbs film were real:-) I also has one of my all time favorite lines, 'where's my fucking beaver rape scene!', cracks me up every time.

    Oh, and how hot is the lead lady? and not a hooter in sight! damned fools!

  2. Thats the thing, there are some lines and concepts that are brilliant, but they just dont work for me because they seem so out of place. The loose limbs series would have been fantastic, those scenes are actually the most memorable parts of the movie for me lol..

  3. haha, yeah, I just remembered another moment from the Loose Limbs....'IT's MOLEEEEESTIN' TIME!':-)