Garbage Day: Deadly Friend (1986)

There is only one thing that makes this movie worth watching, and if youve seen it you know exactly what Im talking about. Im not going to spoil it, because it will take away the one joy in watching this average sleeper. A girl gets brain surgery from her friend after some sweet domestic violence, turning her into a machine.. A KILLING machine.. Not as good as it sounds, and I didnt talk it up.. Watch it though for the slow build to the most mind-boggling gags I have ever seen. The acting and dialogue are far too typical-80's-horror for their own good, and the plot rarely makes any sense, which is all the more disappointing with Wes Craven directing. If you're in the mood for a corny late night popcorn movie, this might fit the bill, otherwise it is better off forgotten.

Rating: 5/10.
Gore: 10/10. (Rating only reflects 3s of the film's runtime)

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  1. yep alredy so manny years and i remember lol sick but kinda scarry