Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garbage Day: Return to Sleepaway Camp (2008)

Wow. Terrible. Terrible. The lead character is an annoying, shrill, punk that is not empathetic in the least, whom you actually want to see tortured by the other campers unlike Angela in the original. It makes you wish Ricky was back to help him. But wait! Ricky IS back, which one of several throwbacks to the original that fails miserably due to inept acting and directing. The filming style and plot attempt a closer followup than the previous sequels, but every element in the film is a complete mess. Even Sleepaway Camp 3 somehow offers higher production values.. It is almost better left unseen due to the disappointment factor, but curiosity will inevitably get the best of you and destroy your meager hopes. A new teen is being harassed at summer camp, when bodies begin piling up..

Rating: 4/10.


  1. yeah, been hearing that this one sucks balls. I doubt I will even bother with it, unless I'm really fucking hard up for something to watch. Now, if they had of brought back the aunt from the original....

  2. She truly is fear incarnate, hell she might be in the movie, I cant remember, I was too busy gouging my eyes out with sharpened popsicle sticks..

  3. Probably the biggest disappointment of 2008 when it came to movies. I was looking so forward to this and ended up wanting to smash my TV. What a horrible film and I gave it a 0.5 out of 4 only for the gore/death scenes. Other than that, it can kiss my ass.

    Unfortunately, the aunt is not in this film. I would have probably added an extra half Howl if she was. And in case you didn't get who that was, it was the REAL Angela, not the one from the original. Yeah, they both survived. How? Does anyone really care at this point?

  4. Wait, that wasnt the tranny Angela? That I didnt know, good call on that one I will have to look into that (without rewatching the film of course), I had no idea, I had presumed it was a reprisal of the original character. Huh. That makes things interestinger but doesnt improve the film quality one bit.


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