Garbage Day: When A Stranger Calls Back (1993)

Unnecessary at best. Made for TV sequel that pits Jill against a new stranger (who one would have to assume never called originally) as she comes to the aid of a young college student that is receiving menacing phone calls. No scares, no suspense, just a bland made for TV bore.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. Ok, I'm gonna have to call you out on your ratings:-)

    This sounds like the pits, and you have not listed one good thing about it, but it gets a 5? You need to re-evaluate that shit, my friend!

  2. Yeah I skimped out on this review, the original review I had saved in my archive read as follows: "Unnecessary." Period. Heres the thing, for a TV film, the cinematography is ok, the acting isnt necessarily terrible, the plot is retread, but I cant go to the lengths I have done on others and say that the film is a complete trainwreck. It is just very Vanilla, very Bran without the Raisin. On my ratings scale, much unlike most others and ESPECIALLY unlike IMDB, a 7 constitutes an average film (as opposed to a 5), much like the grading curve in American colleges. A 1-5 then is a failing grade, but the reason I dont just grade movies on an A-F ratings scale is because it gives me much more room to gauge just how shitty particular movies are. In the case of WASCB, there is no need for the film, it is a wash of a retread that contributes little to the genre, but of the bad films out there that I would never watch again, it does possess a less terrible production quality than others. If anything I need to go back and emphasize the blandness of it all. Now, one might ask how a film could ever get a 1 or 2 on this scale, which is a valid question. Rating below a 3 would mean the film has absolutely without a doubt not a single redeeming quality in any element of the production. Read through that mouthful, then reread the review, and we will discuss lol, Im glad someone brought up the ratings scale though because I get called out on it ALL the time on some of the forums!

  3. Haha! thanks for taking the time to explain. It's a tough job rating, thats why I don't bother with em, I waste enough time rambling about shit to even big thinking how it fits into the bigger scale of things! I guess I am just used to the old school imdb rating, but hey, whatever works for you.

  4. Yeah I dont like making things easy on people, wheres the fun in that? I guess it makes more sense to have a 5 be average what with it being 10/2, but if I were to rate what I consider to be an average film (the original When A Stranger Calls, for example) a 5, how could any film ever get a 10? I just cant see an average film only being half as good as a perfect film, so I went with what I know best, rating film as if I were grading students. I piss so many people off on other boards, but I just cant conform, its not in my blood.