Hallow's End (2003)

This indie effort makes a decent attempt at an original premise and better than usual effects. While it offers surprisingly good production values for the budget, it suffers from typical indie pitfalls of poor pacing and dry high school drama club acting. The action doesnt get under way until after the hour point, leaving the audience stuck with over a dozen uninteresting characters the majority of the film and pulling it in several aimless directions. It is a good attempt considering the scale, but ultimately wont win many fans. A Halloween haunted house gives its attendees more than they bargained for when the spooks become possessed and set out for blood!

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. ...title aside, I swear this could also be a dead-on review of a similar effort, the slightly-better-tha-average haunt-a-roonie called "THE HAZING", which starred both Brad Dourif and Tiffany Shepis. Seen it?

  2. Now that I think about it you are absolutely correct, I grabbed The Hazing based on the cover and a few good reviews I read online but after rereading the above it really does apply to both films. Of the two, I think Hazing has the upper hand, but they are very similar. One indie horror I HIGHLY recommend though is Murder Party, if you find it cheap anywhere it is way above average for a microbudget indie horror film.

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