Haunts (1977)

A devote small town farm woman becomes suspicious and recluse after her family is brutally murdered, only to be confronted with the killer in several more narrow escapes. This one takes extra effort in staying awake and interested, with an extremely slow pace, bits of implied violence, and uninteresting filming. The acting holds up ok, with Britt playing a convincing lead and Cameron Mitchell appearing in an average cameo, but it isnt enough to make the film stand out in any way. The one thing that really keeps the audience watching is the dubious identity of the killer, which keeps you guessing up until the end and successfully plays out several red herrings like in Tenebrae. One would have to go through a long list of films before this would be recommended, but it isnt a total loss.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. thanks for the review. i was thinking about checking this one out, but now i think i'll wait

  2. Theres just so much else to watch, I wouldnt prioritize it by any means