Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Other (1972)

Effectively subtle horror film, but while it is competently directed, acted, and written, the slow pace / low action Victorian Connecticut setting may not work for all horror fans. Most of the deaths that result from the mischievous twins are either implied or bloodless, leaving most of the scares up to suspense and anticipation. The foreshadowing is so blatantly obvious there is no suspenseful climax, but it still offers an Omen-esque build and a decent finale. A psychic boy and his mischievous twin become suspect when a series of 'accidents' plague a small rural community. Fans of classic horror will probably take more away from this than gorehounds.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. I saw this one when I blind bought the DVD after it came highly recommended by a fellow horrorphile. I have to say, I dug on it alot. It has a deliberately slow pace, but I think it works well for it. And the ending honestly gave me little chills. I'm a sucker for southern gothic.

  2. The slow pace and final reveal remind me of Burnt Offerings, which I really enjoy as well. The average Eli Roth fan will probably commit suicide well before the end of either film is reached

  3. Ha! Thats very true. You know, I have never seen Burnt Offerings. Must check it out soon, everyone seems to love it.

  4. Ive heard mixed reviews but it is absolutely worth checking out, Karen Black and Oliver Reed!!


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