Garbage Day: Swamp Women (1955)

A police investigator goes undercover in jail to break free with three diamond thieves and try to find the loot, which they have hidden in a swamp. Nothing happens, then its over. This shouldnt even be considered horror, as there are no horror aspects whatsoever. There are murders, but by criminals, and its not like people get eaten by piranhas or alligators or anything. BUT, to the films credit, there was a rattlesnake, and that was sweet. You literally sit and watch four women complain for a few hours. Id say it had terrible acting, but the actresses realistically portrayed what an hour and a half of complaining would look and sound like. Dont watch it.

Rating: 3/10.

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  1. Yo! this one seems to be missing a name! or is that your way of ensuring we never watch this shit??

  2. I got overzealous last night lol..