Pumpkinhead (1988)

Perfectly crafted creature feature with a Southern Gothic flair. A man calls upon the demon of Vengeance to avenge his son, who was killed by irresponsible teens on dirt bikes. Not since Alien and Predator had there been such an awesome creature design, and nothing has topped it since. The film is full of beautiful fog and lighting effects along with deep blues and oranges that all contribute to an eerie and terrifying environment. It also achieves a timeless quality through the rural back country settings. Each of the actors do a superb job with the material, but this may be Lance Henriksen's single most emotive and powerful role, if not most memorable. Stan Winston's incredible work on the creature FX allow the audience to completely suspend disbelief as the 9' beast stalks its prey on its haunches (seemingly) free of wires or braces. Pumpkinhead is a dark, sinister horror film that is a defining entry in the genre.

Rating: 10/10.

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  1. Yeah, you nailed it on the head as to why this one kicks so much ass. Very atmospheric and creepy, and of course, awesome monster design. It's a slight pity the death scenes didn't have more of a kick to them, but fuck it, it still rules.