Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990)

Fun little anthology flick with tales of gargoyles, a killer cat, and a vengeful mummy. Adapts stories by King, Doyle, and others with a fresh cinematic style and plenty of familiar cameos. KNB offers up some more amazing FX, particularly in the creature creation in the final entry. Harrison keeps the film visually engaging, with the second story offering a cats POV, explicit use of color, plus unique framing. The film also delivers a clever wrap-around that ties everything together nicely. Unlike the EC Comics films like Tales from the Crypt or Vault of Horror, the entries are not morality tales, but do have ironic endings. I enjoy it more with each viewing, great early 90s anthology effort.

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. Dude, how many movies do you watch per day? You're a movie watching machine! I can only manage two at the most hahah. I haven't seen this movie in many years but I've been watching season 1 of the show on DVD off and on since it came out... awful.

  2. Lol dont let the dates deceive you, typically I only get in 2-3 as well but depending on if the wife is using the laptop or not I either post the reviews first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Yesterday, I just happened to post Thursdays and Fridays =D

    Thanks for the review on the series, I have it on the wishlists and we have been tempted to pick it up based on the movie. Going to have to let that one sit a while longer if it isnt up to par with the movie.

  3. A: TFTDS -is- an excellent movie - I love the whole 'Bellingham sends his regards!' shtick, and how can you go wrong with David Johanssen, aka Buster Poindexter, as a hitman?

    B: I differ with Aaron up there about the TV series. It has highs and lows, but it hangs tough with a bevy GOOD, of straight-forward spook stories - the stories are more direct and don't tend to go for a 'twist' ending every time, like 'Tales From The Crypt' or 'The Twilight Zone'. There are SOME shitty eps, but you can ignore those in favor of reeeeally good ones with stars like Keenan Wynne or, in the one I just watched last night, David Patrick Kelly (T-Bird from "THE CROW", Luther from "THE WARRIORS", etc.)

    The one caveat I would offer about the CBS dvd of Season One is that they did a crappy remastering job. I dunno if laziness, or a lack of strong source elements, is to blame, but the picture quality is pixelly and washed out, more often than not. Same problem also exists with CBS' "FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE SERIES" releases, But both are good nostalgia trips, if a little over-priced (especially F13).

    Later, man.

  4. K so we are now 1 for 1, interest peaked once again. I want to grab F13th the Series too, but I havent seen more than 2 eps and its been years and years so I have been waiting on both seasons until they either dropped below $10 or I read enough positive feedback to make me think I sucked at life for not owning them. I will inevitably grab them both, just a matter of when. I always hate to hear when a DVD receives anything less than awesome treatment. My favorite TV to DVD quote is David Lynch's quote on the back of the twin peaks box:

    "I think this is a good Definitive Gold Box edition."

    Thats great to hear, David. Glad it got your stamp of approval, what with having created it and all.

  5. Well, I haven't seen the entire first season but what I've seen so far has been about as good as a Horror series on a TV show back then could get. There are just more misses than hits so I guess "awful" was a little too harsh. And in regards to what J. Astro said about the episode with David Patrick Kelly, I thought that one was pretty good too. It's weird to see him play just a normal guy as opposed to some creep. Lol

  6. Aaron: I thought that same thing about DPK. It was odd, because for once he gets to play a really sympathetic character and his performance kinda even made me feel sad for the guy. Not typical of such shows.

    And DM - Vic Tayback is also in one of 'em. Good shit!