Tamara (2005)

This is a decent little 'Im the weird girl at school so everyone sets me up for embarrassment and kill me by mistake then i come back and kill them ironically using their personal flaws' flick that offers above average acting, good gore, and excellent camera work for an Indie horror release. It isnt entirely original, identifying itself closely with the standard Carrie model, but it sets a strong pace and is very entertaining. The acting becomes a bit corny at times, particularly the nerd character, but overall Dewan handles Tamara's dual personalities well and establishes two strikingly different characters. I am a fan of the film, it stands out from most other small Indie attempts and recalls previous genre efforts while offering its own unique voice. Worth checking out!

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 6/10.

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  1. Sounds interesting! Might be the kind of thing I would enjoy.

  2. Heres another bit on my reviewing methods, I grade indie film higher on the curve based on effort and valid attempts on a constrained budget. It is difficult for smaller Indie films to achieve the same level of production and acting as major motion pictures, but stand out entries will be graded on their own merit even if a 7 Indie flick isnt quite as good as a 7 studio production if that makes sense.

  3. Yeah man, I tend to agree with that, that's why I would give a more favorable review to an indy film that tried something different than to a studio flick with a 30 million dollar budget that churned out fucking garbage.