When A Stranger Calls (1979)

The first half hour is ever babysitters nightmare, and a classic, terrifying scene in film history. After that, the film loses focus, as well as the female lead, and becomes a mediocre character study and a worse killer on the loose story. Still, the intro and climax offer excellent scares and original camera work. It is interesting to see the typically hilarious Carol Kane take up a serious role, making it one of her more memorable appearances, and Beckley is chilling at times and empathetic at others. Not the best example to come out of the peak Slasher era, but a must see for most horror fans. A babysitter is receiving frightful phone calls, only to find out they are coming from inside the house!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. yeah first 20 minutes or so, what was apparently a short film (the rest expanded to make it feature length) was so tense.

    "your blood...all over me"


    great blog by the way

  2. Thanks for joining Ceph, just subscribed to your feeds as well, definitely looking forward to your thoughts! Re-Animator = awesome, and I am a huge fan of Bride. Should have reviews going up for them shortly whenever I get the next box of DVDs out of my condo from hell.