Witchboard (1985)

Somewhere between Boogeyman and Poltergeist Part II lies Witchboard, a possession film that somehow manages to be so boring that the high point of the entire movie is when the lead male punches his possessed girlfriend in the face. Not quite as bad (or gory) as Boogeyman, but pretty close. A woman is obsessed with contacting 'David' in her Ouija board. David lures her into an uneventful possession, then its over. The combination of typical 80s overacting and slow pacing make this a chore to watch, and several scenes feel like forced filler used to meet the feature length. There is some scattered bloodshed, but its extremely sparse and hardly worth the wait. There are many fans of the film, but I give it a big pass.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. I think it's just OK, and pretty much see eye-to-eye with your rating.

    What I DON'T understand (rant coming up...) is why/how anyone ever thought Tawny Kitaen was so fucking "hot". I think she looks like trailer trash, at *best*. She has sort of a dumb caveman-face, too. Am I missing something? Just because she could spread her legs in a Whitesnake video she deserves to star in movies? She can't act worth shit, and a better female lead might've made this film waaaay better. I remain unimpressed.

  2. *Phew* thought the rant was going to be on my rating lol.. Yeah.. Shes ok I guess, I cant even name a single other film shes been in besides Celebrity Rehab, which sources say wasnt a film..

  3. hehe, Im actually a big fan of this, but I can see why most would hate it. It could do with about 15 mins trimming, length wise, but I kinda find Ouija board stuff to be creepy enough. I reviewed this one not long ago myself.

    Oh, I absolutely agree with J Astro, I never found yer wan to be attractive.

  4. Going into it the first time I really expected them to do more with it, since I totally find Ouija boards to be scary as hell, but there is just no point in the flick where they fully explore the potential scares, its just under utilized up until the board gets shot up like a mofo