Saturday, November 21, 2009

Alien Raiders (2008)

Indie hybrid of INTRUDER and THE THING that takes on the same level of fear and paranoia on a much smaller scale. A terrorist group seizes hostages in a small grocery store, claiming to be hunting humans hosting alien lifeforms. This is an excellent example of a low-budget, high production value release that is able to effectively build suspense with minimal on screen violence and gore. The familiar grocery setting becomes a dark and foreboding prison using clever lighting and framing techniques. The film feels claustrophobic and confined, but at the same time it takes full advantage of every inch of the store to provide new and interesting shots within the single location. Each of the actors provide solid performances, and despite its title, the film never trips into the pitfalls of most SciFi Channel originals of the same theme and budget. The FX also stand up to any major studio release, and the scares never feel forced. The film draws heavily from THE THING and other inspirations within the genre, but still has many original offerings and comes recommended!

Rating: 8/10.
Number of views: 2

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  1. Although I saw the ending coming from very early on, I was really surprised by this film. It was great. They could have really marketed themselves better though; the SciFi-original-style title and posters were not helping them out. I think a lot of people that would have enjoyed this film skipped over it. Too bad.

  2. Agreed, it fell through the cracks but Bloody-Disgusting followed it closely which is how I came to find out about it. Hopefully it generates some interest!

  3. same here. the massive advertising on BD forced me to watch it. remember how it pretty much tookover the site for a week?

  4. oh yes, but I have to give them credit for sure, theyve nailed some pretty awesome indie flicks that I wouldnt have discovered otherwise

  5. yeah, i wasn't really complaining cause it was the only good PR this film got


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