Alien Vs. Predator (2004)

An expedition explores an ancient Aztec ruin found miles under ice in Antarctica that turns out to be a hunting ground for an alien species. This may be the most self-indulgent, over stylized, and disappointing films in the genre. Anderson has complete disregard for the fans and each of the series leading up to this film. Even if fans were to disregard the incontinuities, ranging from the gestation rates of the Aliens to the size of each of the species, it is hard to ignore the frequent logical errors that the film presents. The bulk of the film is spent developing throw-away human characters, and doesnt get into the action until nearly the hour mark. Once the film gets moving, there is still only about 10-15m of actual battle between the species. To the films credit, the costume designs are pretty awesome (even if the Predators are incredibly over-sized), the production qualities are top-rate, and the concept of the film could have worked well in better hands. AVP is just far too 'big-budget blockbuster' for its own good, and loses the dark grittiness of the previous films. I wont even get in to the fact that one Alien kills two Predators. OK, I will.. Fuck that. This movie proves to be nothing more than a guilty pleasure with little contribution to either series, and is a PG-13 borefest at best. I just hit rewind and watch the Alien / Predator battle for an hour to get my fill. It was a waste of a perfectly profitable opportunity, and though watchable, doesnt even come close to reaching the level of awesome it should have. Yet.. I will still pay to see any other sequels no matter how bad. Weird. Did I mention I hate Paul WS Anderson and his touch corrupts anything it comes in contact with besides Mortal Kombat?

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. i liked 'event horizon', hardly original but well made. but yeah, agree to the rest. anderson corrupts everything

  2. Resident Evil = Resident Standard Action Movie Removing All Suspense And Horror Elements That Made The Game Awesome

  3. such a missed opportunity. there was zero suspence and i totally know what you mean about the Alien who killed 2 Predators. just silly.

    it had a cool idea or 2 but the story was so limp and dumb overall i thought the filmakers were just making fun of me. insulting.

    and what was the deal with the dinosaur sized Queen Alien? i mean

    i also know what you mean if they made another one though. i'd rent it. probably regret it, but i'd rent it.

  4. My favorite is the Vidal Sasoon hair commercial where the Predator and his new girlfriend are running away with their hair gently swaying in the breeze very cinemat-- wait, stupid.