Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

Another failed attempt at bringing these iconic monsters together on screen, but the film isnt without its merits. The human element is completely unnecessary and underdeveloped this round, with walking stereotypes only being built up to be knocked down. The throwaway characters and dialogue only exist as more excuses for the excessive bloodshed. The film offers call backs to both series through the costume designs, body language, sound effects, and music, then kicks up the gore for a hard R-rating. The action is interwoven more evenly with the character development than in the first film, and there are far more battles between the beasts to the satisfaction of most fans. The new Predator, Wolf, shares much more with the first two films than AVP, and has a sleeker design and far superior combat skills. He is met with the Predalien Alien-Predator hybrid spawned at the end of the first film, which is a fierce, unique, and powerful new villain. The biggest problem in all of this is that the film really serves no purpose and does not propagate any significant plot. Aliens break free in a small mountain town, and the Predator must destroy them. Period. I enjoy the film for the mindless action / horror sequences, but it is far from great filmmaking.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 7/10.
Entertainment: 8/10.

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  1. I totally agree. This movie is kinda like a guilty pleasure for me because of the violence and whatnot. I actually dug the Predalien and I also loved the scene where the kid got attacked by the face-hugger. But yeah... the filmmaking is shit.

  2. Its 100% guilty pleasure for me, I love the film, but after the 3rd viewing I cant deny that the critics were right, it really is a terrible film lol.. Its friggin AWESOME though, and I never get sick of the AVP action. Its a necessary stepping stool to the actual space battles now that Weiland / Yutani has the Predator technology.

  3. I agree with you Carl. I enjoyed every bit of this movie in the theatre in that guilty pleasure sort of way. Who doesn't enjoy watching teens get killed by aliens and predators?

    I mean...what else do they have going for them after the first AVP? Obviously making a real movie didn't work out.

  4. Man, I really hated this film. It just sucked so badly in terms of actual filmmaking, and on a big budget film for me, that shit is unacceptable.

    The only good thing i remember was a sweet cameltoe shot on the chick as she got undressed to get into the pool.