Amusement (2008)

Conventional slasher that suffers from style over substance. The sets and directing are far superior to the plot, which lacks a voice and identity as it jumps between three story and timelines without deciding if it is a slasher, a revenge flick, or torture porn. The acting carries the flick well enough, but the killer can be completely over the top at times. There are a few attempts at suspense and gore, but it ultimately fails to gross out or scare. It also fails to give any insight as to how or why the killer can create such intricate traps a la Saw, or why he is killing to begin with (minus a brief flashback). The film just doesnt succeed on any more than a visual staindpoint. A trio of friends are stalked by a mysterious figure from their past in a clown outfit.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. "style over substance"
    "intricate traps"
    "conventional slasher"
    "over the top"

    Sounds like my sort of flick :D

    - Zac

  2. It wants so desperately to be Saw.. I want to just pat it on the back and tell it it's OK to be original, and that we will still love it. Really nothing new here.

  3. Is this anything like Tobe Hoopers Funhouse? Or anything to do with an amusement park? Speaking of which, how is Dark Ride?? I'm too lazy to do any research today, thats what a bottle and a half of wine does to me.

  4. You're totally right, Carl. This movie was shot extremely well, had a great cast (especially the bad guy), and had the potential to reek of awesomeness, but it ended up just failing in the long-run. And yeah... what's with the flashback??? There had to be some scenes cut out of the movie because if that wasn't the case, then this is probably the worst motivation I've ever seen for someone to turn into a killer.

  5. I truly wish it was Johnny, that would have kicked it up 6 more points for me as I am a HUGE carnival / sideshow freak. Hell, Ive seen Ghoulies II 5-6 times! Havent seen Dark Ride or many of the other first run After Dark films, but now that I think about it its probably selling for less than a $1 on Amazon so I should grab it!

    Glad you agree Aaron, I wanted to like the film but I just ended up thoroughly confused and pissed off at points. There is no point anywhere in the film where any of the characters are developed in the least, I couldnt empathize with any of the protagonists because we get as little insight into their lives as we do the killers. The one thing I will give it though is that if that one childhood memory served as enough motivation for him to kill 4-5 people, its no wonder Jason was so pissed and killed like a bajillion!

  6. the sneering (homo-phobic) snobMay 14, 2009 at 9:10 AM

    i thought this was one of the best horror films i`ve ever seen.