Ants! (1977)

When it comes to animal attack horror flicks in the post-Jaws 70s and 80s, I always set the bar low and hope for a good time. While ANTS! wasnt a complete waste, it just never picked up momentum or built any suspense. A lakeside hotel is overrun by poisonous ants. People die, then get revenge in a global anticide. The awesome: watching people pretend to be terrified of ants while playing it completely straight. The terrible: watching a movie where the villains are ants while always expecting something more to happen than ants walking around, only to be let down. In the back of your mind, you assume there has to be something awesome thats going to happen, otherwise, why would they make a movie about ants? Well, there isnt. There are top-billed names in the cast, the acting is above average for a made-for-TV film, and the filming and editing made the film visually interesting, but not enough so to make up for the stretch of a plot. If the film would have ended at the hour mark, I would have given it a 6, but the extended hotel escape sequence that fills the final half hour KILLS the pacing. I say pass unless you are a huge killer bug fan.

Rating: 5/10.
Number of views: 2.

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  1. Well, I obviously don't know what you have planned next, but I would go with the logical follow-up to this movie: Empire of the Ants.

    That movie is completely stupid, has funny effects and, as a bonus, ANT-VISION! Good stuff.

  2. I wanna grab that one, King of the Ants, and Them! if I have the chance on Netflix, we'll see what the wife lets me sneak in ;)