Baby Blues (2008)

Backed by several Top Ten lists ranking it highly for 2008, I have to admit I bought into the hype behind this film. Unfortunately, after a promising opening, the film immediately falls into a tedious and conventional survival flick, relying on the taboo-breaking child murders to sensationalize the picture over building any true suspense. One cant deny that it is truly horrifying in that it centers around a mother losing base with reality due to a bad case of post-partum depression causing her to slaughter her children, which is sure to shake even hardened horror fans. The problem is that it just isnt overly interesting, and once the shock fades, the remaining game of cat and mouse could have come out of any other genre film. The acting is above average, with the southern dialect selling the characters and the mother's fall into delirium lending the role credibility, however the film just pushes her character too far to the point where she is above and beyond any believable level of crazy, entering the realm of super-crazy. The result is a detachment between the film and the audience, which simply cant happen in a film based on a true story. Good editing, beautiful color palette, decent writing, and overall an ok film, but I just wasnt won over by it.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. Ain't heard shit on this one yet, but dead kids or kiddie murder always comes up trumps with me.