Contamination (1980)

Terrible. There is no excuse for this film, I dont want to hear "Yeah, but it was bloody!!1" This cheap Italian Alien cash-in offers nothing more than bad acting, bad dubbing, bad directing, abusively long shots that contribute nothing to the plot, and awesome FX. A harvest of eggs containing a deadly virus that causes your organs to 'splode is uncovered, and it is up to a government agent and her dimwitted colleagues to track down the source behind the alien conspiracy. The dialogue is downright annoying and completely out of place, begging the question "Did the dubbing agency receive a copy of the script, or did they wing it?" For a film about an alien conspiracy and a bacterium that causes people to explode, one might hope to get more than 15m of alien and gut-blasting action, but the gore drops off after a promising prologue and doesnt pick back up until the climax. Cant.. think.. of anything more to say.. Skip it and be all the better for it.

Rating: 4/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. Ha! I quite enjoy this one! But it's blooody!:-D

  2. I dont think I could sit through it again, not even for the gore! I would rather just get out the VCR, tape record the 15m worth watching, then retitle it "The Time Aliens Came To Earth Then Nothing Happened But Then Something Did And It Was Bad" and watch that over and over so I wouldnt have to see 15m scenes of a woman screaming because a glowing egg is in her bathroom with no payoff and take virtual tours of coffee manufacturing warehouses lol..

  3. Hehe, ah, it's not as if I thought it was high art or anything, but the director is likeable enough, and it passed a wet sunday afternoon nicely...

  4. Well, you obviously know my stance of the movie, since I reviewed it about a week ago.

    The best way to look at the movie is as not a pure horror film. It is a mix of action, horror and science-fiction. It is simply not going to be 'Friday the 13th.'

    But yeah, that bathroom scene is a bit long.

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