Hitch-Hike (1977)

The unofficial third chapter in David Hess' rape-revenge trilogy, pitting an unhappy married couple against a murderous hitch-hiking thief on a trip back from Nevada. Hess plays very much the same distasteful and hated character molded after Krug from The Last House on the Left, a role that seems to come naturally to him since he is just as convincing in this film. Franco Nero plays the lead protagonist (if you can call him that), lending a strong and emotive performance that is empathetic at times while repulsive at others. Clery plays opposite the men, and is both beautiful and disarming. The film is pure Exploitation, but the beautiful cinematography and multi-layered story add a little class to a series of otherwise disgusting events. It meets the criteria of the sub-genre, with plenty of nudity, sex, rape, violence, bad dubbing, and bloody deaths. It is fast paced though repetitive at times, but all in all Hitch-Hike is an above average effort. The one thing I would have left out was the scene with the teens at the end, as it was a failed attempt at irony. A staple for Exploitation and Last House fans worth seeking out!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. i agree with yer assessment (yers too Metalhead) this movie was great exploitation. i was a little non plussed by the scene with the teens but i liked the way it ended anyway. i also liked how you could feel sorry for one character one minute and totally hate them the next.

    it is also one of those movies where i caught myself chuckling at the most inappropriate moments. Hess does that to me sometimes.

  2. Completely agree with yours too, Hess is a one of a kind and I did love the ending but would have preferred if he had just done it himself without having the kids in it at all (Thats not a spoiler, right? Much too ambiguous)

  3. It's great seeing the love for this film, I think it's a blast. I would watch Hess taking a shit.