The Lawnmower Man 2 (1996)

Wow. I am a huge fan of Leonard's The Lawnmower Man, which was groundbreaking for the time, but this ridiculously over-budgeted sequel manages to single-handedly undo everything that the original film succeeded in. None of the cast members return for the sequel, which is quickly dismissed by stating that Jobe's face had to be reconstructed in the introduction, and the new cast members range from terrible to terribler. Though there are some incredible set pieces and decent CG work at times, they are met with equally terrible FX and greenscreen sequences that are entirely laughable. The film is also clearly geared towards a child audience, capitalizing on the visuals and the predominantly teen cast to attract a young audience while entirely alienating the adult viewers that the original had appealed to. The pacing and structure dont contribute to the film on any level either, with the new male lead playing a game of cat and mouse in trying to recover his stolen Virtual Reality chip to stop Jobe in several failed attempts. I cant recommend this film to anyone unless its as a joke to drink beer to with friends. It fails on every level and never generates interest. Jobe is found next to death and is revived and employed by an evil corporation set on world domination to help build a virtual world that they can control. It is up to a bunch of dumb ass kids and the builder of the VR chip to stop him.

Rating: 5/10. The 5 is extremely liberal, but is awarded to the set and art designers for their craftsmanship. The film itself..

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  1. This movie is the worst. You were liberal with a five rating. By the way, I am "The Nobody". Horror is my life!!

  2. I couldnt maintain my integrity and rate the film higher than a 3/10, the 5/10 was DEFINITELY awarded to the efforts made by the production crew working behind the scenes. Thanks for joining and welcome to the site! You wouldnt happen to be related to The Nothing, I never forgave that bastard for trying to destroy Fantasia.