Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1993)

So every day, we would be out in the streets playing tag football, and once it got to be around 5:00 I would tell everyone my mom wanted me in before dark. They knew, and they called me on it: "You're just going home to watch Power Rangers!" Looking back at the series, I know in my heart that its terrible, but Ill be damned if it wasnt awesomely terrible in its giant monster, awful kung-fu action. Plus, Kimberly was hot. So, getting to the movie.. The costuming is still really cool, with Lord Zed and Goldar looking sweet as always. The Rangers have vamped up costumes, which I actually felt were too cumbersome compared to the classic designs. The film introduces a new villain that is just plain annoying in his haughty humor, which may have appealed to the kiddies but I prefer a mean-spirited villain in any horror (?) film. The acting and plot are naturally terrible, but again taken from the perspective of the intended audience, dramatic overacting is expected in a kids flick. In the final Zords battle, the film makes a leap in introducing some early CGI, which was actually impressive for the time but is incredibly aged now. I found myself missing the stupid, clunky Kaiju costuming from the series, which always had more impact even if they were fighting on miniature sets. Overall, I found the film to be incredibly taxing after the hour mark, and it proved that the premise of the show could carry a half-hour but should never have made it to the big screen. It just doesnt offer the nostalgic throwback fun that it should, and though it gains points for the big budget set designs and costuming, it is a big pass. The Power Rangers must unlock the Great Power and their new Ninjetti powers in order to save Zordon from a terrible new villain.

Rating: 6/10.
Entertainment: 5/10.

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  2. ............Title says horror movies, not horrible movies. Slow day today buddy?

  3. eh its monster movie enough for me and Cheesy

  4. I've been thinking about revisiting this for a while. Perhaps alcohol would be a necessary companion.