Mosquito Man (2005)

This is the perfect example of why I want to just e-mail bulk DVD sellers on Amazon and see if they will unload 1,000 independent, no-name horror titles for $1.00/ea so I can finally see all of the titles that I have overlooked in the past because I judge books by their covers to find hidden treasures like this one. Mosquito Man is a surprising little creature feature with elements of The Fly mixed with The Bride of Frankenstein that offers a SciFi Channel Original plot with very decent acting and directing along with superb FX work. The plot is simple enough, with a death-row convict being transformed into a mutant mosquito man after being exposed to a new antivirus in a shootout at a test facility. Naturally, he escapes and goes on a murderous rampage. The physical FX and costuming are unbelievable for the budget, and are almost on par with the work on The Fly and The Fly 2. What is more amazing is that the CGI in the film is not only not bad, but quite good, and the transitions from physical to computer FX are almost untraceable. There is also a great deal of blood and gore, which is always welcome in a creature flick. In terms of the production qualities and performances, I cant find any fault in any of the areas of filmmaking given the budgetary constraints and scale. It is a good low-budget effort that is way above average for the current SciFi Original fare, and though the film isnt great in the grander scheme of things, it is much better than it should be. Recommended to fans of The Fly and cheapie killer creature films!

Rating: 7/10*.
Gore: 7/10.

*Its always important to note that my ratings scale is a graduated scale that adjusts for budget and independent films, since it would otherwise be unfair to directly compare a film shot on $30,000 with a film shot on $10M.

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