Mutant (1984)

Cover art:

Actual monsters:

So as it turns out, the version of Mutant I received is actually the film Mutant AKA Night Shadows (AKA How I Wasted Three Dollars), as opposed to the film depicted in the cover art, which should have been Mutant AKA Forbidden World.. This led to much confusion, anger, and sorrow. Night Shadows is about a shit ass town that gets turned into alien leech zombies when the citizens are exposed to radiactive waste. Artists rendition:

Most of it sucks, but once the zombie outbreak reaches it climax in a full scale town invasion, the film picks up. The make-up is ok, calling back to Orville from CSPWDT, but there is little gore (from what I could see in the craptacular VHS-rip DVD). Every other aspect of the film is pretty middle of the road low budget 80s, with average acting and a bland, derivative plot. My favorite part of the whole movie is when the protagonist goes to the doctor after touching a dead body, and the doctor dismisses his symptoms as a "chemical reaction" that should go away soon. Which she deducted from his burning skin and vomiting. Miss this one intentionally unless you hit the bottom of the bucket and still want more.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. Sick burn! that cover art is pretty sweet have you found the actual film you were looking for yet??

  2. No unfortunately it isnt on DVD I guess, or is only available in some obscure multipack.. I had no reason to assume it wasnt this version based on the cover art, but I should have thought the description on Amazon seemed a little off when it didnt match that on IMDB so I blame myself and society