My Bloody Valentine 3D (2008)

In theaters, this was one of the best movie-going experiences I have ever had. At home with the magenta / green glasses, despite all fears, the film still looks fantastic and is just as much fun. In an era where shitty remakes and cash-ins prevail, the biggest underdog of them all stepped in and raised the bar for awesome. The 3D filming in MBV3D is extremely impressive, not only popping blood and pick-axes off of the screen at the audience, but creating a full depth of field unlike anything in the past. There is no point where the feature looks or feels gimmicky, and every shot shows care and precision in planning and execution. The lighting effects are incredible, with the flashlights and head lamps shining right off the screen.

On to the film itself, though it isnt the most suspenseful horror movie, it makes up for it in surprise, gore, and brutality. It is a balls to the wall slasher that is relentless from start to finish, and it does not pretend to be something that its not by forcing any kind of depth in storytelling or message. The plot exists only as an excuse for the bloodfest to come, and though it completely lacks originality and falls strictly along the lines of the classic 80s slashers, it recaptures the basic, pure nature of the slasher that has been lacking in recent years. This may be considered heresy in the horror community, but this is one of the few remakes that I strongly feel outdoes the original in every way. The Miner is just as pissed off and forceful as in the first, but the filming, directing, design, and gore all surpass the 1981 film. The acting cant be defended, and is very average teen horror-y in every way. This causes the suspended disbelief to be lifted throughout the film, but when a miner is running around popping jaws off and eyeballs out with a pick-ax in 3D, I would venture to guess the audience can overlook the fact for the most part. One of the best of 2008 and an absolute must-see for any slasher fan. Seriously. As in, go buy it right now!

Rating: 8/10.
Entertainment: 10/10.
Gore: 10/10.

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  1. So even though it's on TV and the glasses aren't polarized (or whatever they do) - it still looks...3D?

  2. Awesome flick, loved it in the theatre as well. I also picked this up on Tuesday and we watched it last night. I will be writing up a post for it later.

    The 3D didn't look very good at all on my TV. Everything had a green tint to it and it caused huge eye strain. I think it may have something to do with my TV being a DLP, but we ended up watching it in 2D. Not as fun, but still a killer flick.

  3. Guys, keep in mind that the bigger and clearer your TV, the better... also keep in mind that everyone's eyes probably work a little bit differently... I often have to squint a little and adjust the glasses some to find optimum 3D viewing position - and I wear REAL glasses, too, so it's a double pain in the ass. but I found the home version's effects to work better than most. Sure, it ain't the theater version, but then again, that huge-ass screen & sound set-up is the last thing the theater really has goin' for 'em. Otherwise everything'd be straight to DVD anyway, and we'd all pay a lot less for popcorn.

  4. I wish I could give a full review on how well the 3D worked Zac but I only got to see the first 5ms beforewe had to switch to 2D because of the baby running around, but it definitely retained the 3D look from what I saw. Will hopefully get a review on the 3D soon!

  5. Wow I'm surprised that this was actually good. I never saw it but the previews looked sort of silly.

    I will check this out now, though. 3D stuff kind of freaks me out. Even like, G rated films.

  6. I'll definitely be buying this although I'm not in much of a hurry. I never got to see it in 3D in theaters because I live in Hawaii at the moment and to say that we're "behind" would be an understatement. Regardless, I enjoyed the 2D version. My highlights were the insane amount of female nudity in such a short scene and of course the "little person" kill scene.

  7. Even though I have a soft spot for the original, this remake was very well done. Gory as hell and a slight change in direction with the ending from the original. Too bad they didn't keep the creepy theme some from the ending of the old one. "For the legend they say/ on a Valentine's Day/ is a curse that will live on and on..."