Poultrygeist (2006)

Words used to accurately describe Poultrygeist: absurd, ridiculous, pure Troma, awesome, awful, bloody, hilarious, original, gross, gory, amazing, terrible. The film absolutely hilarious at times, and dreadfully boring and stupid at others. Fans of the past decades of Troma films will find plenty to love here, but the average horror fan might not be able to take some of the stranger elements, like the frequent musical numbers and asinine plot and dialogue. The acting and humor are in true Troma form, along with geysers of blood and tons of gore. There is no point at which the film isnt alienating some stereotype, trampling societal taboos, or giving the MPAA a run for their money, so Lloyd Kaufman has certainly outdone himself. Now then, once you get past all of the Troma craziness, the film just isnt all that great. It runs long at times, the plot is extremely thin and built around the gore, and the musical aspects are distracting and annoying. Despite its flaws, it is very entertaining and insanely gory, and certainly worth checking out! A fast food restaurant built on an Indian burial ground is taken over by vengeful spirits that return as mutant chicken zombies!

Rating: 7/10.
Entertainment: 8/10.
Gore: 10/10.

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  1. This one hasn't been released over here yet, but been hearing mixed things on it. Im sure it's a fine beer movie though.

  2. This was in my top five of 2007. I will say that I didn't like it as much on the second viewing and the caveat would be that there are a lot of musical numbers in it which may be annoying to the average bear. BUT... this is one of the most over the top movies I've seen since Dead Alive as far as gore and it's f-ing hilarious to boot. Carl, did you watch the "making of" documentary yet? I had no idea Uncle Lloyd was such an asshole to work with.

  3. Thanks for braving this one for us! The trailer was pretty funny.

  4. Havent gotten to the making of yet, its been hard enough to get in one or two movies a day since I moved back in with mom for the month but theres light at the end of the tunnel and the condo should be finished soon. I do know much of the background on the development and the ridiculous hard work and dedication that it took to get made, which I entirely appreciate about Troma. I will completely agree with the over the top hilarity and gore though, there really is nothing like it out there! If I like a film better than the actual quality of the film, Im always sure to include that Entertainment rating. I actually had the opposite effect though on the second viewing, since the hype was over and I could rewatch while knowing what I was getting into.

    Beck and Johnny this one is right up your ally, dont miss it so we can hear your thoughts on it as well!!