Split Second (1992)

More of a Rutger Hauer vehicle than anything else, this Action / SciFi / Horror flick offers some bloody fun and a sweet monster design, even if it it is a pretty average film in all other ways. A renegade cop tracks a heart-eating alien beast through the futuristic streets of a flooded London in an attempt to avenge his murdered partner. There are plenty of awesome sets, big guns, clever quips, and Hauer still proves to be James Woods and Dennis Hopper's love child, but my biggest problem with the film is it just never amounts to much. After over an hour and 15m of quick glimpses of the monster and implied violence thinned out by uninteresting and unnecessary exposition, the final battle is entirely anticlimactic, with very little action ending in even less bloodshed. That isnt to say that the characters arent likable, nor that the film isnt entertaining, there is just far too much build and dialogue revolving around what ends up being an unworthy adversary. Some may disagree, but I dont think the film is the greatest by any means, but it is a fun monster romp, and Hauer is always a blast, so this is worth seeking out if you can find it!

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 6/10.

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  1. Hauer is one of my favorites! And I never get tired of this film....cheesy - but he likes chocolate and coffee!! What is not to like.


  2. I had a lot more fun with it the second time through, and Hauer really does make the movie. Each time I just want more, there is so much background to the villain that is left unexplored and it just left more questions than answers, which isnt always a bad thing. Im sure the ending was a result of budgetary constrictions more than anything else. Everyone should still check this one out, its a fun watch!

  3. I agree with yout that this movie did leave more questions than answers. Usually that annoys the crap out of me, but it didn't in this one. Is it because I am such a fan, or does that really work somehow.

    It has a rather compelling story, leaves a lot unanswered, or left to your imagination. Maybe it is why it is one of my favorites. It is at least worth a rental....if you can find it :)