Count Yorga, Vampire (1970)

This modern vampire tale has all of the trappings of the classic Hammer Dracula entries, introducing a new, equally seductive and vicious vampire Count to the genre. Count Yorga (or Iorga) is a wise, sophisticated, and charming seducer that has taken residence in 1970s Los Angeles, where he quickly befriends members of the upper-class and begins preying on the women than meet his particular tastes. It is up to the remaining men to attempt to save their loves from his evil clutches! The film is played out very smartly, with the protagonists attempting to outwit Yorga by playing dumb and trying to draw him into the sunlight by engaging him in conversation throughout the late hours of the night rather than showing their cards and attempting a direct assault. Yorga's elegant mansion recalls the beautiful set designs of the classic Gothic films with touches of modern flair. The characters are each strong and rounded, with sound performances carrying the roles. One cant help but be reminded of Hammer by the bright red blood, costume design, and FX work in the film either, which isnt necessarily a bad thing though it reduces the originality. This is a good vampire flick, always recommended to any Hammer fan!

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. This is a nifty vampire flick. Some very nice spooky scenes and it's great that the MGM DVD contains some extra violence (plus a different opening title) compared with the cut VHS release.

  2. One positive and negative about the film is the ending. Without spoiling it, I will say that it is clever. One thing though: the re-use the same ending idea for the sequel. You guys really couldn't think of anything else?

    Hopefully, this film gets its due soon enough. Maybe the passing of its star this year will be enough inspiration. It's a bad way to get it though.

  3. Still havent picked up the sequel yet, but I am definitely interested after having seen this one