Dark City (1998)

With a dark mixture of the Gothic grandeur in Metropolis, the eerie make-up of Nosferatu, and the alternate realities of The Matrix, Dark City borrows from several sources to create a masterful horror fantasy world with its own unique set of laws and identity. A man with a stolen memory must escape from a group of beings stalking him in a world that they shape and control, while trying to remember his past and figure out how and why they have created this city shrouded in eternal darkness. Though elements of the production may feel borrowed, the plot itself is creative and original, acting as both a murder/mystery and Sci-Fi thriller with horrific themes of the loss of personal identity, mind-control, and distorted perceptions of reality. The cast selection fits the film very well, with Sewell, Connelly, and Friels capturing a nostalgic Film Noir. One of the most impressive aspects of the film is the incredible set design paired with excellent computer FX, giving the cold city an organic life as it shifts and molds to The Strangers sinister designs. This gives it a modern epic feel, while the sepia tones and color palette deliver a throwback to classic Sci-Fi ventures like The Twilight Zone. I am a huge fan of this film, and though it is a difficult one to convey adequately, I feel it comes very close to perfection in terms of what they were looking to achieve in its production. Highly recommended and often overlooked.

Rating: 9/10.

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**Note: Rating and review based on the theatrical cut of the film.


  1. Okay, that is just weird. I read you comment on my blog about watching a horror film to cheer me up, and this was the one I grabbed.

    How did you know it was one of my favorites? Seriously, that is a little creepy..... :)

    That movie and a bottle of wine....the world is a much better place :)

    BTW - I just watched the Devil's Tomb the other day? Seen it?

  2. Wow that really was an amazing coincidence and or telepathic communication, I didnt realize my scans were so far reaching lol.. It had been too long since I had seen it, finally stopped asking the wife and just put it on. Dark City + The Crow = fantasmical

  3. I love me some Dark City. It is a great sci fi flick but really suffered from being released around the same time as The Matrix. While The Matrix has alot more action, I prefer Dark City. Great performances and set pieces set the tone.