Inseminoid (1982)

I honestly dont even want to bother with a review on this one, but I will try to maintain my integrity and do my best. Inseminoid is a cheap and utterly worthless Alien rip-off that delivers nothing more than boredom, terrible acting, and a giant penis-shaped alien. Unlike Creature, which made bold attempts at producing big-budget FX on a shoestring budget, this cashin doesnt even try to create interesting sets or ambitious miniature work. Instead, it takes place in what looks like a squirrel's burrow, and both the computers and spacecrafts pre-date dirt. There is maybe 2m worth watching, which would be edited down to a few gory deaths and a giant man-penis peeing in some girls butt. End review. A research crew is attacked by an alien specimen that possesses its members and begins killing them. Snore. F-.

Rating: 4/10.

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  1. I had seen this previously under its other title, HORROR PLANET. I bought the Elite disc when it first came out and didn't really like it much more than the first time around. It had a few good scenes here and there, but overall I was disappointed with it especially considering the Shaw Brothers were involved in its production.