Friday, June 19, 2009

The Lost Boys (1987)

Who would of thought that the man single-handedly responsible for destroying the original Batman series was the same man behind one of the best vampire entries of all time? Joel Schumacher brings us the tale of two brothers that fall prey to a gang of teen vampires that are terrorizing the town of Santa Carla, and must enlist the help of a pair of unlikely vampire hunters to save the town and themselves. Everything in this film works, from the creative camera and FX work, to the superb acting, to the simple coastal setting that is turned into a dark and atmospheric dreamscape. It was years before I drew the connection with Peter Pan, but the exchanges between the classic vampire elements and the childhood characters make for an excellent modern horror fantasy. Like Near Dark, Vamp, and countless other 80s entries, The Lost Boys updates many of the classic conventions of the undead without the cheesy cliches or cloaks. The film also contrasts innocent and disarming scenes with clever humor against extremely chilling sequences, and though most of it functions as a safe children's horror entry, it proves to be frightening to even the most seasoned horror vet. Its impossible to find fault in this staple 80s classic, and The Lost Boys serves as an example of horror perfection. Well, there is one fault. The dude playing the saxophone is pretty dated. Other than that, it is timeless.

Rating: 10/10.

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  2. Hee! Hee! I could not have said it better. I no longer feel ashamed for loving this movie.

    Happy Frog Queen!!!


  3. This is one of my favorite vampire films ever, up there with Near Dark.

    And yeah - that greasy sax guy is hilarious!!! Always generates laughter whenever I view it.

  4. great review! well said.

    the greasy sax guy is pretty dated, and so are all the mullets. my favorite part is by the bon fire when they rip the guy's scalp off. creeped me out pretty bad the first time i saw it.

  5. the bonfire scene is the exact scene i was referencing as the frightening and chilling scenes, since it comes right after the hilarious dinner scene. Love this damn movie, wife wouldnt watch it with me last night when I told her we needed to watch the original first, review for The Tribe coming soon!

  6. Good luck with the Tribe. It'll just make you think of what could have been.

  7. Timmy Capello lives forever! I will believe!


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