Phantom of the Opera (1998)

While it isnt the intolerable mess many make it out to be, Phantom of the Opera certainly doesnt rank among Argento's best. What his version does offer is some incredible gore, decent set design, and some man-on-rat action, but it is met with bland acting pitiless characters that draw no emotion out of their performances. Interestingly enough, The Phantom of this film is not disfigured at all, though he remains a recluse that was raised by rats in the catacombs beneath the opera house. This Phantom doesnt take crap from anyone, though, unbiasedly and brutally dispatching anyone who makes the mistake of trespassing in his cavernous home. The uneven blend of off-beat comedy, horror, and romance makes it hard to accept the film as a serious attempt on the classic story. On top of that, it just doesnt make any improvements on any of the adaptations that have been made in the past, but rather turns it into a cheap slasher throughout the majority of the film. I have commented mostly on the negative aspects of the film, which is unfair because it is still an ok watch, it just suffers from the burden of comparison against both Argento's canon of works and the previous films that have been made of this story. Check it out, see what you think, then shelve it.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. I can't even watch my copy. It's password protected and I have no idea what the password is. Do you know Carl?

  2. Thats absurd, is it really?? Ive never heard of anything like that, sorry to hear it man! I imagine its the same Ardusty copy I have, no? Are you trying to play it on a PS2, because some films will randomly come up as childproofed and require a password in order to access the film. I set mine to 0000, but dont tell anyone or they might get the password and watch Phantom of the Opera on my PS2. If thats coming up on your DVD player though thats the strangest damn thing I have ever heard, I would recommend asking Jayson over at Basement of Ghoulish Decadence what he recommends because he is master of all things technical

  3. I bought it used at a local store. My copy is from A-PIX Entertainment and I wasn't trying to play it on a PS2 either. Also, this is my 2nd A-PIX copy. The first one I had was password protected too. So now I think that all of the A-PIX discs are like this. I bought my first copy used as well and there's no hint of any password info to be found. It's weird!!!

    Unforunately, the copyright on this disc is from 10 years ago and I haven't been able to contact the company.