Strange Behavior (1981)

The teens in a small town fall under a sinister influence and begin murdering the townspeople, but who is behind this evil mind control? Strange Behavior is a slow ride, but the characters are all thoroughly fleshed out and contribute to a subtle and unique plot. Many of the set designs throughout the film are unnerving in their beautiful but awkward symmetry, giving the institute a surreal nightmarish quality while still appearing very sterile and clinical. The acting is very naturalistic, and immediately allows the audience to identify with the players in their daily activities. These arent overacting prepubescents like in Children of the Corn; they are simple, average teens that arent outlandish in any way that just happen to get wrapped up in an evil scheme. There is some scattered gore and a few kills, each of which have a much more profound impact than the average Slasher movie because of the manner in which they are filmed and the slow, precise cuts and injections that are made. It is very difficult to watch a teen slowly draw a blade up his wrist as the blood slowly trickles out, taking away the safety net of excessive comic gore and grounding the cuts in reality. There is a lot to like about this film, and if the biggest fault is that it is uneventful at times, I'll take it. Check this one out when you get the chance, its a good watch!

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. Yes, I agree with you. Much over looked movie.


  2. Yeah bro, I'm a sucker for horrors set in small towns with some kind of evil shit going on (Messiah of Evil and Dead and Buried are also favorites).

    This has some great scenes, such as the pissing blood moment and a pretty creepy set up with the fat lady in the house. Overall, an atmospheric and effective flick.