Thirst (1979)

Excellent Australian vampire entry that succeeds in nearly every way, with an entirely unique and gripping plot propelled by great acting and directing. A cult of elitist vampires kidnap the last remaining descendant of Elizabeth of Bathory and attempt to program her into joining their sadistic society by putting her through several trials by fire. Contouri plays a tortured and empathetic lead, drawing the audience in with her deep, sullen eyes eyes and emotive performance. The Farm setting is beautifully disarming and treacherous at the same time, with free roaming human cattle and a 'dairy' where blood is collected from the livestock daily. The aspect that will either captivate or annoy audience members the most is that there is no point where it is clearly discernible whether the character is dreaming or awake, since her captures induce surreal nightmares during her training exercises and its never even certain whether or not The Farm truly exists. There are many disturbing sequences throughout the film as a result, where the lead will think she has regained consciousness only to turn the shower on and be bathed in blood. I highly recommend checking this one out, it is very original and unlike anything else I have seen. Fans of Lets Scare Jessica to Death or Lemora should find a lot to like here.

Rating: 8/10.

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