Tower of Evil (1972)

I would best describe Tower of Evil as being an even blend of Raw Meat and Lighthouse, which is funny to me in my geekdom since I am comparing a relatively obscure English horror film to two relativelier obscure English horror films. A team of investigators set out to a remote island lighthouse in hopes to determine why a young girl slaughtered her three friends weeks earlier, only to find out the dark truths behind the island's secret past. Tower is a great watch, but much of the fun is at the film's expense. The acting ranges from ok to laughable, the miniatures and blatantly superimposed backgrounds are ambitious but obvious, and best of all the costume of the final creature looks like it was stolen from Troll 2! Despite all of its flaws, though, it moves at an excellent pace, offers a dark and dreary setting, has plenty of great deaths, and tosses in several scares for good measure. For a campy 70s Slasher this one makes for a bloody good watch, its worth seeking out at least for a single view!

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 5/10.

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  1. Wow...anytime something resembles "Troll 2" I am going to love it. I've wanted to see this for awhile, but never feel like shelling out the money for it.

  2. This is an awesome horror flick that I thought was a bit ahead of its time and could easily be considered a forerunner for the slashers that were coming at the end of the decade. Lots of boobs and blood and a high exploitation quotient make this must see entertainment in my book. Glad you enjoyed this one, Carl. Most likely Fragasso from TROLL 2 stole the costume from this film!

    I saw it on a local station on a Saturday afternoon in the mid 80's and didn't realize what I had been missing till I bought the DVD. The HORROR ON SNAPE ISLAND version is terribly cut if I remember correctly.

  3. Im really glad I ended up keeping this set even if I didnt enjoy any of the other films, because I wouldnt have seen this one otherwise and it really is a great watch! Good call on that one Venom