Vengeance of the Zombies (1972)

I am a huge Paul Naschy fan, which often clouds my judgment when it comes to rating his films. Such is not the case with Vengeance of the Zombies, which borders on a horror comedy in some of its overacting and ridiculousness. With a score that is a strange cross between cheesy porn music and upbeat techno, it is difficult to build any suspense or take the film seriously. This is hampered even more by the out of place zombie women that smile and laugh as they attack their victims. While he is still a step above the rest, Naschy also hams it up with over the top facial gestures and excessive theatrics. Klimovsky's stylism that was also used in Werewolf Shadow is very apparent here, with filming techniques like slow motion capitalized to set the mood. While the make-up for the zombie slaves is rather bland, there is some amazing work put into Naschy's FX, but it is just too little too late. Though Naschy has a supreme love for the genre, his writing isnt always up to par, and it shows in this one. Hardcore fans will still enjoy it, but it is otherwise unimpressive. Britain is caught up in a sinister plot ripe with murder, betrayal, voodoo, and zombies when a vengeful Indian strikes back against the daughters of the families that thought they had killed him several years ago.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. Nice review Carl. I like Naschy's films as well.