Carved (2007)

Carved is Japan's answer to The Candyman, focusing on an old urban legend of a slit-mouthed woman that kidnaps and kills children after asking them "Am I pretty?" It mixes elements of the slasher with a possession and ghost tale, but it doesnt succeed on any of those levels. The build in the beginning is actually very good, establishing the mythos of the ghost woman and having children disappear right off the bat. It quickly begins descending into a boring and uneven tale involving the ghost woman's son who has come to save the day and dispel the evil spirit forever. There is a little patchy gore, which is made all the more upsetting in that it happens to children, and the make-up appliances used for the slit-mouthed woman are actually quite good. The story here just fails, and the final conflict between the protagonists and the ghostly entity lacks logic and is acted very awkwardly. I found very little to like here outside of the premise, so I would have to give this one a big pass.

Rating: 6/10.
Gore: 5/10.

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  1. I agree with you. Few things creeped me out...but I didn't even finish watching this one.


  2. Too bad this one turned out to be not so good...the idea sounds pretty creepy to me...
    Maybe the inevitable American remake will get it right!

  3. The premise really has a ton of potential, but the fact that they involved a family member really dumbed it down and took away the creep factor

  4. one of my favorites and what actually got me into japanese and asian horror films!

  5. Thanks for all of the great comments, Lurlene! Glad you liked this one more than me, but I'd still give it a second go.