Dont Go in the House (1980)

Here we have a pretty standard Exploitation flick that echoes films like Psycho, Driller Killer, and Maniac, though the latter two films probably were not influences on Dont since they were released within a year of each other. A psychotic mommas boy begins burning women alive in the basement of his domineering mothers house after her passing, then dresses the burnt corpses and keeps them in an upstairs bedroom to keep momma company. This one is a slow burn, but offers a steady character progression as the lead falls further into his own psychosis. For such a low budget feature, the special FX are actually quite good, with super-imposed fire that looks believable and creepy corpses. It also achieves several spooky moments between the lead and his deceased victims who haunt his thoughts and dreams. I was actually surprised with the level of professionalism behind the camera work, however the writing and plot both feel derivative of other more successful films. Though the pacing requires some patience, the payoff in the end is entirely worth the effort. I wouldnt rate this among the best of the Exploitation films I have seen, but it is worth a watch and will be received well by fans of the films mentioned above.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. Great pick, this is a weird and enjoyable little sickie. I too was pleasantly surprised, especially when momma's boy freaks out @ the bar. :)

  2. hello! I recently shot my second short film, if you take a look here ... (have photos of the backstage)

    "Cinema today is the blood and color correction!" Yeah!

  3. I haven't seen any of the Don't movies, but they always remind me of the Grindhouse Trailer by Edgar Wright.