The House on Sorority Row (1983)

House has quickly become one of my favorite single-serving Slashers. It follows the basic conventions set by its predecessors, while distinguishing itself in its slow but steady build and intricately woven suspense. Unlike many of the Slashers before it, House does not open with a murder to kick the film off; in fact, the first murder by the killer doesnt occur for more than a third of the movie. It also offers classier murders, with many of them being implied off-camera through shadow play or being shown with a cutaway immediately after impact. These elements reflect the classic Terror Train more so than FX-heavy Slashers like Friday the 13th, meaning that the film has to take the time in further developing its characters in order to give their deaths more impact since they will not necessarily be spectacular. Outside of the foreshadowing in the opening scene, the audience is left guessing as to who the killer may be long into the film, with several red herrings successfully implored to maintain the mystery and suspense. The 30+yr olds hired on as teens are no better or worse than the average Slasher fare in terms of acting, with the exception of Kate McNeil, who offers a very strong performance as the final girl. There is plenty to like here, fans of Black Christmas and Terror Train will find this one particularly enjoyable and I highly recommend seeking it out! A sorority prank goes horribly wrong, ending in an accidental murder. After hiding the body, the seven sorority sisters responsible begin dropping off at the hands of a mysterious killer, only to find out that the body of their house mother has disappeared!

Rating: 8/10.

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  1. I think I'm going to watch this soon. And isn't the cover art great? haha

  2. It really is, mostly because of how random and unrelated it is lol.. Who decided on that one, was that even one of the original posters?

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