Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)

Apparently, The Creepers interesting and awesome story just couldnt be told in a short hour and a half. Enter JC2, a film about a busload of stereotypes being picked off one by one by a flying fiend. Not to be outdone 40 years earlier by Night of the Living Dead and countless formulaic survival films, JC2 displays a rare case of originality in horror and moves the isolated outpost to a broken down bus. A god damned bus. While the audience is busy not caring about any of the cardboard characters, director Salva is busy trying to figure out how to patch up his sinking ship of a script (seeing as how his psychic character is now dead). Aha! One of the nameless cheerleaders has a telepathetic connection with Darry from the original, who conveniently drops plot hints to her throughout the film. Thankfully, Salva also realizes that the film is a joke, and allows The Creeper to morph into a Freddy-esque fool of sorts, using physical comedy in place of cheap one-liners. This makes for a few cheap laughs on top of more scattered gore that brings the film to a level just above unwatchable. The man behind the mask and the make-up artists are the only members of the cast and crew that deserve any credit in this trashy series; watch it then shelve it.

Rating: 7/10.
Gore: 7/10.

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  1. Ah, my words exactly!! You are good!


  2. yeah, that and it's SUPER GAY! I was completely let down by this sequel since I adore the first film.

  3. Now it will come up that I completely bashed the film, yet rated it a 7. As much as I hate both films, ugh.. The technical aspects of the film and creature FX put it above any straight to Sci Fi channel original and make it a C- in my book. A low C-.

  4. I lurve this movie, it's hilarious and creepy too.